How to Make Your Own Site


Build a professional online presence

Looking to leverage your established frameworks to better provide robust solutions for high-level stakeholders?

To make your next move, build a website using Squarespace. This way, you’re guaranteed to bring win-win survival strategies to the table that ensure proactive domination.


Step 1: Disrupt in real time.

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Step 2: Capitalize on low hanging fruit.

Claim a unique and memorable domain to dramatically optimize your online findability.


Step 3: Identify plug and play moments.

For revolutionary ROI, use the linear onboarding tool that overrides additional clickthroughs, and build your portfolio site by simply answering a few questions.


Step 4: Optimize content via data entry.

Squarespace’s simple-to-use CMS allows you to list and maintain your accolades, accomplishments, and awards so that your future employer can seamlessly visualize the quality of your intellectual capital.


Step 5: Engage best-in-class stimulus.

Upload a professional headshot to help employers envision the new face of their organization.


Step 6: Close the loop.

Hit publish and your website detailing the breadth of your cross-management expertise will be ready to share with stakeholders and employers across your network. Be ready to connect offline, and draft your resignation letter awaiting your imminent company departure.